Toyota New Technology

13th June 2023, Kathmandu

Pioneering the future with the power of technology, centered on innovative battery EV technology and the establishment of a hydrogen business. Motor Corporation (Toyota) recently held a technical briefing session, “Toyota Technical Workshop,” under the theme “Let’s Change the Future of Cars” and announced a variety of new technologies that will support its transformation into a mobility company.

Hiroki Nakajima, Executive Vice President, and Chief Technology Officer, explained Toyota’s technology strategy and the direction of future car manufacturing.

In addition, he spoke on specific and diverse technologies, including concepts under development, which will help achieve the vision and policies that have been communicated so far.

Also speaking were Takero Kato, who has been appointed president of the newly established BEV Factory, and Mitsumasa Yamagata, who is scheduled to be appointed president of the Hydrogen Factory to be launched in July.

They elaborated on their respective strategies for the battery EV and hydrogen businesses.

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