TrackR Should Appear As So When Opening The Device

TrackR StickR is a small device which is actually a coin sized device that can be easily attached to the most valuable items. By the help of TrackR app available in android and apple app store one can locate any misplaced or lost items within fraction of seconds by ringing the missing keys using Growd GPS or via TrackR’s distance Indicator. It is the simplest way to locate misplaced or lost belongings. Thousands of users find this sticker as a lifesaver.
It comprises of a distance indicator which shows the distance between the user and his items allowing people to know how far those belongings are. It also consists of an item ringer with which TrackR can ring the misplaced keys with the quick tap of the finger. Finding lost phone is also very easy, TrackR rings the phone even on silent mode by simply pressing on the button. TrackR also contains Crowd Gps which helps to locate the item as you receive a Gps update when you are within the range of your lost item. It also has separation alerts which notifies when the user leaves the items behind. This deice comes in a beautifully anodized aluminium construction for the thinnest and long lasting device.