25th January 2023, Kathmandu

Nepal Clearing House has further reduced transaction fees in RPS/connect-IPS for revenue payment to the Government of Nepal and various other transaction types.

The real-time payments (through RPS) for GoN and Local Government initiated from mobile banking, internet banking, connect-IPS, CORPORATEPAY, and Bank Central has been reduced, such that transaction fee for GoN revenue payment through RPS will be now NRs 2 and NRs 5 for revenue value up to NRs 10,000 and above respectively.

NCHL’s various channels of connect-IPS, CORPORATEPAY, Bank Central, NPI, mobile banking of BFIs, and wallets of PSPs are being used for GoN revenue payments.

The general public or institutions can use any of the digital channels or visit its bank branch for revenue payment. During the first half of the fiscal year 2079/80, NCHL’s various channels processed more than 9.7 lakh GoN revenue transactions equivalent to NRs 114 Billion.

NCHL has been working closely with GoN for the last 5 years for e-payment of GoN revenue collection and has achieved close to 20% of revenue collection in terms of transaction number in the last fiscal year 2078/79, which is expected to grow further during the current fiscal year.

connect-IPS gateway is available in the GoN portals of all the revenue-collecting agencies for online payment.

The gateway has recently been enabled with dynamic NEPALPAY QR also, whereby any mobile app or wallet within the network of NEPALPAY QR can scan and pay to GoN.

The customers can also pay GoN revenue payments based on EBP No. generated from GoN Revenue collecting agencies website and initiate payment based on EBP No. from any of the channels including connect-IPS mobile App, Web application (, CORPORATEPAY, mobile banking or wallets integrated with Retail Payment Switch (RPS) or from any of the bank branches.

NCHL has been operating various clearing and settlement systems including NCHL-ECC, NCHL-IPS, connect-IPS, connect-RTGS, NPI, and CORPORATEPAY, and recently has implemented Retail Payment Switch, as part of the NPS.

There are over 55 BFIs as its direct members with access to over 6,200 plus branches and over 80 plus non-bank institutions as indirect/technical members within NCHL network.

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