Digital Media Crime Nepal

The next generation cyberwar will be fighting over the internet. Every day a new alert appears suddenly, and lots of companies may face economic loss too. Devices that were not meant to be internet-based are now potentially open to attack as they are online now. Networks are more vulnerable than before because of the increasing numbers of a hacker with the technological increment. The intruder also may intrude the privacy of the individual and companies or organization as well.

As in Nepal, statistics shows that cybercrime has been rapidly increasing than that of before. A different analysis shows that by 2020 the cybercrime which is very harmful as the physical harm would grow more than is present. With the collaboration of different vendors, the cybercrime in Nepal is trying to decrease. As can be seen the most common cybercrime in Nepal is fake profile marketing in social media like facebook, twitter, Instagram and so on. Because nowadays people in Nepal are mostly involved in social media and had become a trend to have a fake profile of other for the stalking or bullying purposes, and also they don’t know the consequences of having such crimes. Also wanting to access the separate account is the common crimes in Nepal.

Likewise, hacking other Wi-Fi networks, locating other consideration is the common crimes in Nepal. Slowing the strength of the hackers in Nepal is also increasing and are trying to have bigger things inside the country like security breaching, banking fraud, etc. which shows that the trends of cybercrime in Nepal has been growing rapidly and deeply too. Securities concerning companies are simultaneously trying to stop future crimes in the future. Even the Nepal Police has been involving in the intent of decreasing the cybercrimes which end user may face in the future.

Having strong laws in the field of cyber may help in stopping the trends of cybercrime in Nepal. The percentage of cybercrime is to be higher than it was in the previous. One should stay alert for the upcoming threats in the field of internet technology. The most common trends in cybercrime are only the social network. Likewise, having a fake profile, mostly bullying and stalking are the major cybercrimes in Nepal.

The trends of cybercrime are more dangerous than that of previous so need to be active than that of former and should also be focused on how to forbid the imminent threats and how can it be overcome in the future. As trends have been standard and even riskier one should be alert to it.


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