Web Designer Nepal (WDN) is going to organize 2nd meetup on UI/Creative Design Workshop on 24th September 2016 at Prime College, Naya Bazar, Kathmandu. It is started from 11 am and ends at 1 pm so be present at the right time and grab the opportunity of knowing UI/ UX design.

UI and UX are different things. For instance, if you have a cup of hot tea, the vapor rising on the web is UI whereas unless you taste you don’t know whether the tea is good or not, so tasteless is UX. It is the most important technique to make your web design more users friendly and responsive. So don’t miss this program.

For this event, you must bring your laptops with Photoshop installed on your notebook. Furthermore, it must bring laptop charger and stationary like a pencil and paper for mockup design.