About ICT Journalist Development Platform

IT & ICT Awareness Campgaining is Strong Media Tools for ICT Development of Nation. We Together Run” – Building e-nepal through by ICT Media Awareness Campgain”

ICT Journalist Development Forum, registered on National Guideline Act. It is a non-profit making national level ICT Journalist formed by a team of youth IT & ICT professionals Journalist to promote and Explore IT Product, Service and Technology through Media tools like as Print Media, Electronic Media and Online Digital Media. ICT JDF established in 2067.

More than thousands of Journalist worked in Nepal different field and categories at Small to Big Media Houses. But young and energetic IT and ICT Field OR Bit Journalists are More than Two hundreds worked in Nation Levels. To Promote and Expands IT & ICT Products, Services and Technology through Media tools as awareness Campaign by the Member’s of ICT Journalist Development Forum leadership in the shared vision.

ict journalist development forum

Scope for ICT Journalist NGO

1. Establish youth ICT Journalist leadership at all levels

2. Unite youth ICT Journalist under single Forum.

3. Ensure ICT & IT Journalist’s Media rights.

4. Involve for national IT & ICT Development process.

5. Support government initiatives in ICT promotion

7. Minimize cost mobilizing voluntary contributions

8. Local resource mobilization

9. Address ICT & IT Media’s issues

10. ICT opportunities for IT Students.

Focus of ICT Journalist Development Forum

1. Advocacy and lobbying

Continue advocacy and lobbying for implementing and strengthening existing IT & ICT policies and shared practices or improving them.

a. Ensuring ICT Journalist rights through constitution.

b. ICT Journalist Cam-paging for Good Governance and ICT Development process.

c. Formation of ICT Journalist council at national levell with ICT Journalist Development representation.

d. Strengthen and implement National IT and ICT Policy.

f. Social transformation.

g. IT responsive budget.

h. Scince and environmental conservation and climate change issues by media Campaigning.

i. Scholarship ICT education

j. Social security and health care policies

3. Institutional strengthening and professional capacity building

a) ICT Journalist Forum should explore opportunities for improving physical facilities of its own and its member

b) Coordinate initiatives at all levels to enhancing professional capacities of All media’s IT & ICT bit Journalist. ICT Journalist Forum continue organizing ICT Media training, workshop to enhance leadership qualities of Journalists who are working different media house’s in ICT & IT bit .

1. Promote research and produce publications

Promote research works to enhance professional qualities of its member.

2. ICT Journalist play catalytic role to promote good governance practices such as rule of ICT Development Process by Strategic of yearly plan for inclusiveness, transparency, accountability, participation, collaboration, coordination, cohesion, collective decision making e- governance .