The second day of the 5th UI tie up organized by the CSIT Association of Nepal was completed successfully at the Rastriya Naach ghar, Jamal which comprised of different motivational speeches and success stories by the industrialists and project demonstrations from the students. The event was supported by different organizations and media partners: ICT Frame,,,

Shristi Shakya, the treasurer of CSIT Association of Nepal hosted the event and was opened up by the keynotes of Mr. Prakash Neupane, the founder president of the CSITAN and CEO at the startup company Nep flights. He talked about the gap between the academia, industry and the students and the direct & indirect problems occurred due to it. It was then followed by the welcome speech of Samundra Sharma, an executive member of CSITAN and then a motivational speech by Mr. Binod Dhakal, the president of CAN federation. He focused on the idea to be an entrepreneur, the experience required and suggested the students to “develop an expertise in yourself” in any given field.

The rest of the event was continued by the lamp lightning ceremony by Dean Ma’am Shirik Shova Tamrakar and the president Mr. Abhash Adhikari. There came the speech by the Dean Ma’am where she commented on the quality and state of different colleges, exam conditions, projects of students and other practical stuffs.

And then there were the project demonstration condition by the subjects of which the participants were Aiska Basnet, Aayush GC & team, Sheetal Babu Luitel and the Shaman’s team. Aiska Basnet, student of 3rdsem at Birat Kshitiz College, Biratnagar had prepared a project on school management system. The one by the Aayush GC Bhujel and his team (5thsem students at Kathmandu Bernhardt College) was a project on IOT where they used a mobile device to control home appliances. The third project by Sheetal BabuLuitel (3rdsem) from Birat Kshitiz College was on retailer management. The last one was by the students of 7th semester from Sagarmatha College of Science & Technology where they demonstrated a 3D Game made on Unity named “Shaman Hunter”. All of the projects demonstrated were nice and signified the competence, caliber and creativity of the respective students.

And there were the success stories from the great industrialists of today, which went unparalleled with the project demonstration session. The first one was a very motivational, inspiring and practical story by Mr. Askar Ali, CEO of e-sewa where he talked about all the struggles he went through to come up to the position he’s in right now. And there was another story by Arvind Jha, MD of Janaki Tech followed by the speech of Mr. Biplav Man Singh, co chairman of commodity council, FNCCI who gave various ideas to the students while sharing his own story. He stressed on his words “real wealth lies in the BRAINS” and suggested everyone to become a job creator rather than a job seeker. And there was a short presentation by Sajjan Lamichhane, co-founder of presenting about the differences of it from the CSITAN and other interesting stuffs and stories regarding the online portal. Prashant Shrestha from Young Innovations also shared his interesting start up story to the audience.

The program went well and it was really great listening to the interesting and motivational success stories of the great people in the IT industry. The guests were provided with a memento as a token of appreciation by the President Abhash Adhikari. Similarly, all the participants were provided with certificates.

Mr. Karmand Dangol from Cloud Computing, Nishant Karki from Bajra Technology and Mr. Shailendra Jha were invited to the stage for announcing the results of the project demonstration. They too shared their stories then and Mr. Karmand left behind a great enthusiasm for the students by his influence words. Then the result was announced and Aayush GC Bhujel’s group were awarded the golden cup for their outstanding project on IOT.

The program was of great benefits to the students as they got to know about the startup ideas of their inspirations and as well as got very motivational ideas for them to promote their own startups. They got to know about the demand of the industries and what the area of their focus should be. Likewise, the industrialists got to know what the today’s’ students are up to after the analysis of their project demos. It was also a good platform for them to know each other.

Finally, the event was officially concluded by the thanksgiving speech of Abhash Adhikari, the president of the CSIT Association of Nepal.