Using pin codes and passwords, patterns or even voices to unlock a smartphone is about to be proved outdated. This is because a smartphone which opens with our eye gestures is coming soon. The best part: You will never forget your phone pin or password.

Japan’s Fujitsu Company has planned to introduce this smartphone to the market in the next month. The hi-tech smartphones will be unlocked by identifying the user’s eye movement and pattern. This technology is called Iris Technology. It is not required to run our fingers over the screen to open it. One glance is enough.

Similar to biometrics fingerprint security, which can save and use the fingerprints as a lock key, Iris Recognition Technology captures the user’s eye’s iris pattern and uses it as the pass-key.

Iris technology is possible due to the infrared camera present on the foreground of the smartphone. Infrared LED lights scan the user’s iris, and the eye pattern is recorded. Later on, when unlocking, the incoming eye pattern is analyzed and compared with the recorded one, and if they match, the smartphone opens. During the registration, it is recommended to take the glasses off, if the users wear any.

According to Fujitsu, a human iris is more complicated than a fingerprint hence proving to be a more effective and secure method to use as a phone lock.

These up and rising innovations of technology could help to protect our smartphones and personal data easier. There is also the scope of improving this technology and incorporating in various other security mechanisms.