Use Of Pornography Contents By The Children

April 10, 2020, Kathmandu, Nepal

Due to lockdown, many people are staying at their home and scrolling over the Internet. Small children whose schools are shut down are feeding over what they get to see on the Internet. While you may find many productive/ useful things online, there is no doubt you can come across some pornographic contents. These contents can affect the young viewers’ mindset.

Taking this in concern Nepal Telecommunication Authority has requested everyone to detach access to pornography websites. The authority wants to promote a safe internet service, so they are taking these steps. The NTA urges the powers to be vigilant as the lockdown can lead to Internet use against children. They emphasized on preventing online abuse of children from the Internet. And they want to remove access to pornographic sites for safe internet service.

Attempts to remove pornography contents

Porn sites have been banned in Nepal for the past one and a half years. However, people are accessing these contents using different methods. The authorities have warned everyone that the children can get access to these contents through these various means and to monitor them.

These sneaking methods are the loopholes that have made the Internet not safer for children. Monitoring these methods and reducing its use can help to reduce children ending up in these sites.

How to safeguard your children from these contents?

  1. Engage them in creative and engaging work rather than letting them use the Internet.
  2. You can also limit internet use during the time of lockdown.
  3. I was spending more time with your children.

Besides these, teaching your children about private body parts and the particular importance of sexual relationships between parents is also necessary. These bits of help be aware of what sexual relationship is and prevents them from searching them on websites that can lead them to pornography sites. This also prevents these topics from being taboo, and children hide these things from their parents.


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