Basic description for Multiple Signing in PDF using a certificate based digital ID to allow others to sign using a certificate in Adobe Reader 11.0.10 or later, the PDF needs to be reader-enabled first in Adobe Acrobat X Pro.


  1. Token driver is installed.
  2. Certificate is enrolled inside token.
  3. Adobe Acrobat X Pro/Adobe Reader 11.0.10 or later.

User guide to digitally sign Acrobat X Pro files (Multiple Signing)

  1. Plug in token. Open a PDF file using Adobe Acrobat X Pro. 
  2. Click Fill & Sign to open the Tools pane.
  3. Click Work with Certificates. Select Sign with
  4. Drag the mouse to any place on the document to create a rectangle.
  5. For Sign As, select your ID from the list. 
  6. Click Sign. Optional: Tick Lock Document after signing to prevent any changes after signing the documents. 
  7. Save the signed document.
  8. A message box prompts you to key in your User PIN. This window appears
  9. The file is now signed and appears on the rectangle area created.
  10. A signed a document and forward to B, B see a valid document and modify, then A signature is invalid. B sign the document and forward to C. C view a  document with valid signature of B, altered signature of A and modified content notification. C finally signs the document.


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