Vianet UltraBook Package

12th August 2021, Kathmandu

Vianet Communications P. Ltd. is a leading Internet & TV service provider in Nepal.

Internet service provider Vianet has unveiled an attractive internet package. The company has brought an UltraBoost package that allows you to use 100 Mbps internet service for an additional Rs 39.

The company’s existing customers will be able to choose from a variety of options to use the 100 Mbps UltraBoost Internet service.

Accordingly, they will be able to buy five GB of data at Rs 39 (inclusive of VAT and telecommunication service charges), 5 GB, 25 GB at Rs 155 (inclusive of Rs 198), and 100 GB of data at Rs 600 (inclusive of Rs 766 inclusive of tax).

For this, you have to pay in advance. The company has stated that the speed of 100 Mbps can be achieved without consuming the ultra boost data purchased in this way. Only active customers who have availed of the services of Vianet will get this facility.

Saying that the speed of 100 Mbps will be available only in the form of download speed, the company will ensure speed and latency only in the backbone and access network with its wired connection. UltraBoost data is said to be maintained even after the existing package is exhausted.

How to take

To use this feature, Vianet customers have to click here:  to download the company’s app.

Go to the app and click on the ‘Internet’ icon to go to the Ultraboost package you want.

After doing so, there will be a detailed description of the service you have chosen. You can also see the ultra boost data mode. You can also see the rest of the data in the UltraBoost package, as well as the option to toggle on and off this mode.

The data in this package will continue to be used until the customer automatically turns off UltraBoost mode. You can also see the UltraBoost data purchase button.

Click on the button to proceed to purchase the UltraBoost data package. Apart from the mobile app, UltraBoost data can also be purchased and used from the company’s web portal.

Click here:  to go to the company’s website and log in.

Now click on the internet icon that appears there. Where information about the Internet service you are using appears.

Go to the ‘UltraBoost’ menu at the bottom and buy the data you need by clicking on the ‘Buy’ button.


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