Virus Affects Mobile Banking

19th June 2020, Kathmandu

We’ve all been using Mobile Banking in 2020. It has made life more comfortable; however, with luxury sometimes come risks as well! We use mobile banking to ease our daily lifestyle, but have we been taking proper steps to keep our accounts safe?

Recently, the hot topic has been Cyber Crime. The hackers and malware software developers are targeting unaware people with fake mobile banking applications. It’s surprising how so many banking customers can be a victim to these malware activities. These criminals send a notification through the app to access the login data of the customers. Moreover, they get access to mobile security as well!

It is also reported that in 2018, America’s Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) found out around sixty-five thousand fake applications that can enter into your mobile device without any suspicion.

So how does the virus affect us?

While we are using our Mobile Banking, these malware viruses enter our device without us having any clue of it. After that, these malware viruses replace your mobile banking’s login screen with a fake login setup. This is where we get tricked into disclosing our banking information to the fake login screen and making our data accessible to the malware.

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Best Measures to Keep your Data Safe

The best way to keep your device safe from these fake banking apps and Trojan attacks is to be cautious yourself. Here are some tips we have that will help you keep your device malware-free.

  • Download mobile banking applications only from trusted sources. Moreover, download banking apps only from the official website of the bank.
  • Do not click or open unknown emails, attachments, or links that look suspicious.
  • There is an option of two-factor verification in your bank account, enable it. Also, set a strong password for your banking app.
  • Your bank will not ask your passwords, pin, or other sensitive data. Therefore, stay alert if any apps are asking you such information.
  • Also, if you are in conversation with the representative of a bank and you find them suspicious, double-check such incidents and report to the bank.

With these tips and conscious activity, your account can remain unaffected by these Trojan attacks.

We hope you take this attack on mobile banking seriously, and we hope you share this knowledge with your friends and family as well.

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