Vivo Customer Service Nationwide

14th May 2022, Kathmandu

vivo Boosts Efforts to Improve Customer Service Nationwide to ensure the enhanced customer experience

  • vivo aims to get closers to customers by offering dedicated offline services for customer support network from 4 exclusive centers
  • As part of the ‘Vivo service day’ initiative, Vivo now offers additional special after-sale services and many other free warranty benefits.
  • vivo is offering 30 days handset replacement and heavy discounts on the purchase of accessories.

vivo, the global smartphone brand, has been working hard to provide exceptional customer care. Every month from 27th-29th, Vivo offers unique discounts on accessories to clients as part of its customer-centric initiative ‘Vivo service day.’ The company is touching the hearts of consumers and offering them the greatest solution at ease thanks to this effective project.

Customers can also opt for an array of free services and additional offers which include free smartphone servicing & cleaning zero labor cost repair, 30 days exchange offers in case of hardware issues, free protective film, free OS update, and much more.

Furthermore, the customers can also claim warranty service/ policy provided with every new phone. vivo provides a 1-year warranty for the handset, 6-months warranty on the accessories, 3 months warranty on chargeable repair for every part, 6 months warranty on accessories purchased from the service center, and in addition, customers can avail lifetime warranty on the software.

Customers are the biggest assets of every business and Vivo Nepal has been upgrading its initiatives in an effort to continuously ensure customer satisfaction throughout.

The brand believes that customer satisfaction plays a vital role, not just in retaining loyal customers but also in attracting new ones through positive word-of-mouth referrals and strong customer service portfolios. Hence, Vivo constantly finds ways to upgrade and tailor our after-sale services by understanding our local customers’ needs and wants.

Michael, the CEO, of Vivo Nepal, said,

“Vivo works relentlessly as a customer-centric and responsible brand to ensure end-to-end customer safety and convenience to our beloved users while providing a hassle-free buying experience.

Our consumers have responded positively to our initiatives in the past, and we are pleased to have been able to create a pleasant experience for Vivo smartphone buyers in Nepal. We aim to deliver our products and services to consumers as quickly as possible and to resolve their queries at the earliest so that users can benefit from our meaningful, cutting-edge innovations and value-added services.

vivo is here to support our customers through thick and thin and provide them with the best of experiences.”

The brand attempts to keep local consumers updated about the latest product introductions and features through its after-sales services, providing relevant information both before and after the purchase. The business has strategically strengthened the customer connection in Nepal by reaching out to its customers nationally through its four branches in Kathmandu, Narayanghat, Pokhara, and Itahari. By overcoming geographical limitations, Vivo is able to offer its loyal customers across the country. The service centers, which are equipped with cutting-edge facilities and equipment welcome customers to ensure a hassle-free shopping and after-sales service experience.

As a consumer-centric brand, Vivo strives to support its customers at every step of smartphone usage, with a special focus on after-sales services.

Following the Benfen philosophy, Vivo aims to support and empower consumers relying on smartphones for their work and businesses with ease of buying and provide them with seamless access to cutting-edge technologies.

The brand relies on supporting customers at every step of their smartphone journey, with a high emphasis on after-sales service.

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