2nd June 2023, Kathmandu

vivo Hosts ‘Tech Talk’ on Prospects for 5G in Nepal Featuring Pre-eminent South Asian Experts on the Revolutionary Technology

The first virtual event of the vivo Tech Talk brings together distinguished industry experts from Nepal and Pakistan to discuss the state and future of 5G in the region

vivo today launched ‘vivo 5G Talk’, a virtual event that brought together industry experts from Nepal and Pakistan for a conversation about the current state of 5G in the region and its potential to transform businesses and everyday life in the imminent future. This event sets the stage for Vivo’s ‘Tech Talk’ initiative, designed to stimulate meaningful conversations for the advancement of telecommunication technologies, reinforcing Vivo’s commitment to pioneering innovation and progress in the field. Themed “Bringing you a Boundless Intelligent World,” the event and panel discussion explored different aspects of the telecommunication ecosystem and create a platform for cross-sector dialogue.

vivo’s 5G Talk virtual event featured a panel of six experts from Pakistan and Nepal who engaged in an insightful conversation on the potential of 5G in the region to transform businesses and everyday life in the region. This event featured six experts, including Niraj Bhusal, Non-Gazetted I, Ministry of Finance, Nepal; Muhammad Adeel Israr, Chief Technology and Enterprise Business Officer of NCELL Axiata, and Lead CTO, Group Operations at Axiata, Nepal; Minu Pradhan, Director at Nepal Telecom; Parvez Iftikhar, International Consultant on ICT Policy and Regulation, Pakistan; Khalid Khan, Founder and Chairman of Central Asian Cellular Forum, Pakistan; and Asif Aziz, Chief Business Officer at Jazz, Pakistan.

Discussing the benefits of 5G for promising economies like Nepal and Pakistan, the panelists concluded that enhanced connectivity could provide solutions to infrastructure challenges, such as remote healthcare and education, and enable new business models that could boost the GDP of these countries. The panel emphasized the importance of creating a conducive environment for innovation and entrepreneurship by building the necessary infrastructure and implementing supportive regulatory policies, especially to address key challenges hampering 5G rollout like geographical barriers and spectrum affordability. The speakers also highlighted the need for commercial viability and public-private sector cooperation to maximize the potential of 5G in these countries.

“As a region experiencing robust growth, Asia is yet to fully leverage 5G. Our sector is making massive strides towards implementing 5G, and today’s discussion offers a glimpse of what lies ahead for this region and its digital transformation,” said Rakesh Tamrakar, Leading Specialist at vivo Communications Research Institute. “At vivo, we are dedicated to making 5G smartphones more convenient, and accessible to empower communities to thrive in the new digital landscape. Our relentless efforts in this area, including our extensive R&D initiatives, have resulted in cutting-edge innovations that are now a part of global 5G standards. By nurturing innovation and collaboration, we believe we can contribute to shaping a boundless, intelligent world where everyone can benefit from advanced telecommunication technologies.”

With a team of over 100 experts focusing on 5G research, vivo is one of the leading contributors to 3GPP standards, having contributed more than 10,000 5G proposals and over 5,000 5G invention patents. As one of the largest smartphone makers and 5G pioneers, vivo adheres to an innovation strategy that prioritizes user needs and advances cutting-edge technologies that are tailored to enhance everyday experiences for customers worldwide.

vivo has also designed a wide range of products ready for the next generation of connectivity, catering to distinct consumer necessities. For instance, the powerful X and V series offer some of the slimmest 5G phones on the market, owing to Vivo’s innovative 3D stacking technology.


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