VIN has put together the Information Technology and Computer Volunteer Program, in recognition of it as an efficient means of communication With necessary computer skills, the Nepalese not only have greater employment prospects but can access a wealth of global knowledge to help them locally. By promoting Computer Science in Nepal, our volunteers are empowering the Nepalese to explore and take charge of new possibilities for growth. Opportunities for computer education sessions include teaching information technology at VIN’s head office in Kathmandu, but volunteers may also provide logistic solutions within the organization.

Issue Nepal

The majority (more than 90%) of public and community schools do not have access to computers. Very few public schools have introduced Information Technology centers, and if they do, there is limited computer access. As well as unreliable power, the Nepalese contend the fact that few teachers are qualified to teach such computer skills. Widespread computer skills are still in its inception in Nepal. Therefore it is essential that they are provided to eager students giving them the same opportunities as their counterparts around the world.

Even basic skills can empower communities – as a foundation for future self-guided learning. Volunteers will assist school children with theoretical and practical classes. Generally classes last for 45 minutes and a volunteer would be teaching 3 to 4 classes a day. If a volunteer is experienced, they may also teach Information Technology classes for teaching staff and our partner Organisations. The volunteer can form courses from basic computer skills up to advanced, as well as providing basic hardware maintenance tips. Computer skills education is valuable, as an investment for future gains and something that will remain long-term.

Role of the Volunteer

Our websites require constant maintenance and improvement. We need help to look at these sites from the perspective of a foreign/customer/volunteer. The Organisation of the website might seem logical to us, but to a visitor, it might not always seem clear. Advice on how to make our website more accessible is valuable to us at VIN (e.g., how to make sure we are easy to find for potential volunteers. Maybe even advice on how to be more accessible to those utilizing a search engine such as Google.)


A volunteer with some knowledge about website maintenance and ideas for improvement can be of great value to our Organisation. Helping at the headquarters may not provide you with direct contact with those in need, yet indirectly you can still have such a great impact. Volunteers can also choose to help us in maintaining and improving our website. Constructive suggestions are always welcome at VIN. It is preferred that volunteers have experience in the following:

  • Open source packages (e.g., Joomla)
  • Search Engine Optimisations (SEO)