A hacker is a person who uses a computer system to gain unauthorized access to a system’s data and to make the system unavailable or system down for a specific purpose such as stealing money, gaining fame by bringing down a system, taking the system under their control, making unavailable and destroying the system. A hacker can be classified into following types-white-hat hacker, grey-hat hacker, black-hat hacker, elite hacker, blue-hat hacker, script kiddies, and hack activist.

A white hat hacker breaks the security of a system for the non-malicious purpose, either to test its own system’s security capabilities with performing penetration tests or analyzing vulnerabilities of the system using the special software tools. A black hat hacker is an individual hacker who violates security policies or bypasses the network security for malicious purpose.

A grey hat hacker lies between a black hat and a white hat hacker, and the grey hat hacker hacks a system for the sole purpose of identifying and notifying the security defect to a system administrator. Similarly, a blue hat hacker is an individual who is used to test bugs of a system before its launch, looking for exploits so that the bugs can be closed.  An elite hacker is a highly skilled kind of pirate who can develop and use the intelligent software tools for the hacking, but a script kiddie is an amateur hacker who breaks the system by using automated tools developed by others. A hack activist is a hacker who extensively utilizes technology to publicize a social, ideological, religious or political message.

A brief Short Introduction of Author:

Computer Programmer, Software Developer, HoD of BSc CSIT Program, M.Sc. Degree in Computer Science from Pokhara University with the first position in the 2005 batch of the University. Decorated with Nepal Bidya Bhusan Padak ‘Kha’ in 2068 B.S. from the Government of Nepal. A recipient of ‘Dean’s List Award’ from the Pokhara University. Lecturer/Coordinator of Computer Science & IT at Prime College.

Author of the following Books:
1. JAVA Programming including Advanced Features
2. Data Structure and Algorithm A Practical Approach
3. Computer Programming with C

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