Apple is one of the most secretive companies on the earth. Apple has never talks in the public about its brand or for the coming products. It has updated its market in every quarter about its financial performance which can be parsimonies. There is no sale of Apple watch after its first release. It’s very surprising that the CEO would release some sensitive information to a TV journalist.

He said that the key point is that we have continued to experience the growth of business in China on July and August.

The market share goes down by 10% at the beginning of tradeing with the company recovering $78 billion of its market value lost.

There are strict rules in the UK and US. This is about to release the sensitive financial information. It suppressed the data at the same time which is present on TV to put uniconventional.

The US exchange commission has a fair disclosure. When material non-public information is released its individuality analysts the stock. This makes the public disclosure about the information.

Apple investors were worried about the Apple’s china growth which continue and were reassured.

Teem cook has decided to get the efficient way of getting information to the market. All were worried about the Apple’s share price.

Tim cook had not dried up their innovation and it seems confident which release the error of their way which eventually send the share to new records high Apple’s share market value goes down from the quarter from its peak. It’s just wait for the next quarterly results. It seems to be listening the noise by really worry investors.