Which type of software are you using? How many of Nepalese are using original  software?  There is not any original statistics but 95% of the computers user are using pirates software.

I think the original software are found in Bank, government institution, international cooperation etc besides this, its difficulties to find such software anymore. Microsoft has covered the 80% of international market but the attraction is reducing day by day. Now, the Apple is covering the market.

The IT anniversary of software is celebrated every year. Here the world free means not relates to money that is the freedom for prioritory software. To use some software we need to pay money this type of software doesn’t allow to share with others. For example Microsoft windows. We can’t modify these all. Free and open source software is made on the suggestion and advice committe or Non- free software is used only in lab in colleges which doesn’t accommodate in public. What we think that, when we buy computer, Microsoft windows is free but that is the pirate version of Microsoft windows.

 We can’t compare that original software price with used software price. The Microsoft original iOS cost $150 and for the office package $450. So in this case, pirates software is used . one of the famous operating system Microsoft and Nepal environment science and technology minister made some segment and signed on that. They accommodate for the development of ICT.

This software freedom day is celebrated by teacher. On that day, free and open source software is used. This also help and make benefit for the computer user. Software freedom is established on the August 28, 2004. There were 70 teams from all over the world and on 10 September 2005, there were 300 team members from 60 countries which was the second software freedom day. On the occasion of Document Freedom Day 2015 Open Knowledge Nepal, Free and Open source Software (FOSS) Nepal Community.

As same, software freedom day was celebrated on this Saturday in the world software freedom day 2015. This means September 19 or Asoj 2, FOOS Nepal  has managed  software freedom day. Mainly IT colleges celebrated this as a festival as an important celebration. NCIT colleges was also preparing some preparing some programs.

As marketing and globalising market, computer and software is developing day by day. This is market desire which made by the community of software and computer. This program software freedom was first established in Nepal by FOSS Nepal for free and open source software, government is also raising voice to do so. This is also called as software freedom day.