Why One Third Of Hospitals Will Close

The sad thing about Government Hospitals, most wanted machines keep on breaking

The most needed devices that are bought by investing billions from Royal Account and provided by sponsors for government hospitals are broke and have started to become like a museum species.

The machines like MRI, CT-Scan, Ventilator, CM, Monitor, Gama Camera, Dialysis Machine, Oxygen Plant, Forces including which deals with death and life of people had stopped working after a short period of when it was bought and because of which patients are forced towards torture. Time to time re-making those instruments, it causes hamper on hospitals as well.

This is not just the sad thing for one hospital, but mostly, all the government hospitals have to go through such circumstances, because of which every day thousands of patients have hard times. According to the World Health Organization, the machines which were must be changed within 7-8 years are still in use after 30 years also.

In some of the hospitals, the machines which are provided by related companies for a certain period has not been changed within that particular period because of which the patient’s life is at risk. According to the research done in valley’s most of the big Government Hospitals, it was found that while the machines are bought and at the time of need using them continuously, they have been sabotaged, it’s written in Annapurna Post.

The process for buying governmental machines are very long and non-effective, related technologists and employees are not given training about its use, hospital administrative and company compromise with each other to buy computers in a hurry, some of the doctors, workers, and technologists with the help of some local hospitals and clinic they break the machines for taking commissions, this has also become an arising problem.

If new machines are broken, it’s small and cheap parts (spare parts) is not provided by the company to hospital, they don’t provide guarantee of machine as well, there are no expert technologists in Nepal for making good use of it after they broke so they are forced to call technologists from abroad to repair them and for which they have to spend a handsome amount of money, this situation also happens because of the reckless use of machines.