The Identity Access Management(IAM) System is a framework for business procedures that maintains the management of electronic information identities. This framework contains the technologies that are needed to support identity management. The IAM technology are used to capture, initiate, manage and record the identities of user and user related access permit ions in the automated process. This makes sure that the access permissions are permitted to a single interpretation of policy and all personnel and services are authorized, audited and authenticated properly.
The carelessly managed IAM procedures might take to regularity of non  compliance due to the organization being audited. The management wont be capable of proving that the data of company risk free if it becomes misused. It might get difficult to achieve funding for IAM projects since they do not increase functionality or profitability directly. But the scarcity of effective identity and access management ensures significant risks to compliance as well as the overall security of the organization. These poor management problems raises of higher damages from both internal and external threats. The maintaining of the desired flow of business data carrying on simultaneously and managing its access always needs the attention of the administration. The business IT environment is continuously evolving and the hardships have always becomes higher with current disruptive trends like cloud computing, bring-your-own-device (BYOD) and the rapidly increasing mobile workforce. There are more services and devices that needs to be managed more importantly than ever along with diverse requirements for associated access permissions.
The IAM system should include the capturing, initiation, management and recording of the user identities and the related access permissions regarding them. The products must include a centralized directory service that keeps on scaling as the company grows. This central directory stops credentials from mismatching the recorded haphazard sticky notes and files as employees tend to deal with the inconvenience of multiple passwords in various systems. The IAM system should set workflows for managing access requests along with the opinion of multiple stages of reviews with the approval requirements for each and every requests, This method can function thus setting various risks level appropriate review processes for higher level access and reviews of the existing rights to stop permissions breaching.