WiBD Spring Hackathon

26th April 2024,  Kathmandu

Women in Big Data (WiBD) is pleased to announce the successful kickoff of its Spring 2024 Hackathon program.

From April 9th to June 9th, participating teams will be tackling real-world challenges in data analysis, big data, machine learning, AI, and deep learning.

WiBD Spring 2024 Hackathon

This season’s hackathon focuses on a critical social issue: developing models to predict metastatic cancer diagnoses within 90 days of screening.

WiBD teams will leverage the Women in Data Science (WiDS) Worldwide 2024 Datathon hosted on Kaggle, utilizing real-world data provided by Gilead Sciences.

The program is led by Chapter Hackathon Leads Anant Zohar (Bay Area Chapter), Aruna Nadesan (Pittsburgh Chapter), and Usha Ramalingam (St Louis Chapter), who are guiding their respective teams throughout the competition.

WiBD is also fortunate to have Deana Hsu, CSM, CPOSP, CHPC, and AI Consultant, on board as the WiBD Hackathon Agile Coach/Coordinator. Ms. Hsu will be ensuring teams stay on track by implementing Agile methodologies and best practices.

Women in Big Data is to increase diversity in data & analytics and to develop leaders. They do this through technical training, career development, mentoring, and networking.

For more information: WiBD Spring Hackathon


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