By Anushuiya Thapa

Windows Operating System is one of the most selling product of Microsoft. This year, our very own, Microsoft Window’s turns 29 years old. Looking back at the first launch of the product Window’s 1.0 on November 1985 which sky-rocketed the use of personal computers, there are things you did not know about it.

  1. The software back in the days were not free like now-a-days. The Apple Lisa cost $10,000 while the very first Macintosh cost $2,495 in 1984. Comparatively, Windows 1.0 release up roared because of the cheap cost of $99.
  2. Windows 1.0 ran on text-based MS-DOS. So, if your computer did not have DOS, Windows could not be operated.
  3. The idea of using another device to use the computer, operating system, was a ridiculous. Later, people warmed up to the idea of using mouse.
  4. Microsoft’s first graphically rich user interface, Windows 1.0 was basic standard compared to Windows now. So, it surged huge potential.
  5. The features were drop-down menus, scroll bars, icons, dialogue boxes and one navigated the system by simple point and click. This same basic interface is still used till the date.
  6. Switching among programs without having to quit was a boon and a time-saver.
  7. It had a game called ‘Reversi’, a board game for two players.
  8. Microsoft invigorated other companies to develop programs but not basically for Microsoft interface.
  9. The code name of the product was ‘Interface Manager’ which was later changed to ‘Windows’.
  10. The product was out after two years it was revealed.
  11. Windows OS was a step to a better future for Microsoft.
  12. Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s Executive, starred in the first promo of Windows 1.0 with his lines “Wait until you see Windows Write and Windows Paint!”
  13. The first version of Windows 1.0 had many bugs and some programs malfunctioned. But from this step, windows has now created Windows 10 and will flourish more.