Women in Technology Nepal

Kathmandu, 28th April 2020

National ICT Day 2020 is going to be organized in Nepal for the Officially third time. ICT Frame Magazine in association with Information Security Response Team Nepal (npCert), Center For Cyber Security Research and Innovation (CSRI Nepal), One Cover Private Limited, Tech Bloggers Forum Nepal, ICT Byte, and Techpatro are jointly organizing the event.

During the third National ICT Day, 2077 to host in Nepal, the Ministry has informed that the Ministry (MoCIT Nepal) and CAN Federation will increase its contribution to the economy by developing information communication and technology.

Why Women in Tech Fields?

Considering one of the high income generating fields, the IT (Information Technology) sector is growing in the world. A bitter truth is the percentage of women working in the field of technology is very less compared to other industries. The diversity of gender in any area brings more ideas, generates smarter work escalates creativity. Likewise, women should be promoted in the tech field to overpower the myth of the people that women cannot crack formulas or decode software. Even though the scenario has changed a lot in comparison to the past, some people still tend to judge the intelligence and credibility of women.

To our perception, due to women’s distinctive communication style and versatility, women should present in the field of tech to enhance and portray her talent. Due to their strong leadership and management roles, women should show in the technical area. Lastly, to escalate the number of women in top-level IT positions, we highly recommend women to promote in the IT field to become the role model for society.

Event Details:
Platform: Zoom Meeting (Webinar)
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 790 8495 9306
Password: 6DjEXw


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