Wordlink, an internet provider company has launched a new scheme for customers, called “TinkoTadka”, which includes free internet television, double bandwidth and heavy discounts.

According to “TinkoTadka” scheme, new customers connecting Internet for the first time and old customers renewing their agreement as well can receive up to 40% discount. The company has further said that buyers who are buying an internet package annually can get internet TV for free as well as the speed of current 5 Mbps package will be doubled.

So now the customers who were already using 5 Mbps package now automatically enjoy 10 Mbps. While for new customers wanting to buy 5 Mbps package annually, they can also enjoy 10 Mbps internet speed, discount as per the scheme without the cost of router and fiber cable required for connection.

In addition, they can also have the facility of internet TV for the first three months. Furthermore, for 25 Mbps package buyers, they will have the benefit of free internet tv for six months plus discount.

If you want to buy an internet package of 50 Mbps with advance annual payment, you will get a free internet tv for a whole year with some discounts. This scheme also applies to old customers who want to renew this package.


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