Worldwlink Tops With Most Number Of Fiber Internet Subscribers

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October 16th, Kathmandu

Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) technology has become popular in Nepal’s fixed broadband internet in recent times, which is why in the last few years, the number of FTTH users has increased tremendously.

According to the data released by the Nepal Telecommunication Authority on Shrawan 2075, there were more than 20,38,000 customers of FTTH. Customers that use FTTH have increased by 38.26 percent this year which has raised the number of users to over 30,00,000 in which Worldlink Communication Pvt. Ltd has the highest percentage of users. Worldlink has a special priority in fiber internet expansion and has managed to take 53.93 percent of the market.

Out of the total 30,03,000 users of FTTH, Worldlink itself provides the service to 15,22,500 users. This amounts to 53.93 percent of the total users.

According to the latest report released by the Nepal Telecommunication Authority, amongst the total number of Fiber Internet users in Nepal, 29,68,000 users are provided the service by the ISPs in Nepal. The number of customers being serviced by Nepal telecoms is close to 35,300.

Even though the number of users is more than 30,03,000 the number of companies that have a fiber internet connection is 5,78,500. According to the base set by the authority, 4.88 users get internet service from one connection.

The total number of fiber internet subscribers is around 5,78,500. Out of these subscribers, 5,71,267 use ISPs, while Worldlink alone has 3,12,000. In addition, the total number of fiber internet subscribers of Nepal Telecom is only 7,229.

Vianet ranks second in the list of the largest Internet service provider in terms of the number of FTTH customers. Its subscriber base is currently 73,900. Since the commencement of its service in Nepal, Vianet has been providing internet services through Fiber technology.

With about 42,200 FTTH subscribers, Subisu Cable Net Pvt. Ltd. ranks third. Likewise, Classic Tech Pvt. Ltd. has around 40,700 customers.


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