Yamaha Maha Exchange

6th May 2024, Kathmandu

MAW Rides Pvt. Ltd., the esteemed distributor of Yamaha motorcycles and scooters in Nepal, announces the launch of its biggest exchange event of the year – the Yamaha Maha Exchange Mela 2081. The event officially commenced today at Bhirkutimandap, Kathmandu, and will continue throughout the week, offering an unparalleled exchange experience for motorcycle enthusiasts.

Yamaha Maha Exchange Mela

“We are thrilled to bring back the Yamaha Maha Exchange Mela, offering an incredible opportunity for motorcycle enthusiasts to upgrade their rides at unbeatable prices,” says Vishnu Kumar Agarwal, Managing Director of MAW Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. ” adds, “We believe this event is a perfect platform for motorcycle enthusiasts to not only upgrade their rides but also celebrate their passion for two wheels in a lively and exciting atmosphere.”

The Yamaha Maha Exchange Mela presents an exceptional opportunity for individuals to upgrade their motorcycles at incredible prices. Participants can avail a guaranteed cash discount of up to 1 lakh rupees on their brand-new Yamaha purchase. Additionally, MAW Rides offers an additional valuation of up to 1 lakh rupees for old motorcycles, regardless of the brand, ensuring maximum value for their trade-in.

This convenient exchange program lets you trade in your old bike or scooter, regardless of the brand, for a brand-new Yamaha.

The Yamaha Maha Exchange Mela extends beyond simply offering lucrative deals. Participants can benefit from a free bike health card to ensure their new ride is in top condition, along with a complimentary bike check-up and wash for a sparkling clean start.

The event also features a door prize opportunity to win a smart helmet, enhancing safety with a stylish upgrade. Additionally, exciting free games and gifts, test ride and win offers, and free accessories add to the overall experience, allowing participants to personalize their new Yamaha.

The Yamaha Maha Exchange Mela goes beyond just motorcycle deals and services, creating a vibrant atmosphere with live music performances by renowned Nepali singers. Throughout the week, attendees can enjoy the electrifying tunes of Shiva Pariyar on the 24th Baishakh, Mahesh Kafle on the 26th Baishakh, and Milan Newar on the 29th Baishakh.

This exceptional event presents a unique opportunity to upgrade your motorcycle at amazing prices, enjoy free services, win exciting prizes, and celebrate your passion for motorcycles with live music.

Head down to Bhirkutimandap, Kathmandu, from 5th to 11th May and be part of the Yamaha Maha Exchange Mela 2081!

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