100-like Helpline Number

24th April 2021, Kathmandu

You can dial this 100-like helpline number to report internet banking and other money-related frauds: Here’s how it works.

Technology has changed drastically in today’s context with lots of facilities and development for the people making them convenient and easy to use. One can facilitate themselves through the developed and versatile technology. Now you can enjoy a new feature for the safety of your internet banking and other money-related frauds with just a dial 100-like helpline number to report internet banking and other money-related frauds.

Internet banking has made people easy with their works and the stress of staying in a queue in the bank. But there is even the risk of account hacking and money heist online. Paying attention to those factors, the government has launched a new helpline number to report the cases of internet banking and other online-related frauds.

The helpline number to report the frauds of internet banking is 155260. Cyber frauds are also increasing day by day and the helpline number for cyber fraud is 112. The initiative was launched in November 2020 by the Indian Cyber Crime Coordination center and the Union home ministry to prevent the increasing number of online financial frauds.

The helpline is manned by a police officer. The victim should lodge a formal complaint to the National Cybercrime Reporting if the incident took place more than 24 hours ago. If the crime occurred within 24 hours, the operator fills up a form seeking personal information and details of the crime. A ticket is then raised and the incident escalated to the financial intermediaries (FI) concerned.

This fraud transaction ticket appears on the dashboard of both debited FI. The bank to which the ticket has been soar needs to check for the details of the fraud transactioN and if the funds have moved out, it feeds the transaction details in the portal and escalates it to the next FI. If funds are not found available, it temporarily puts them on hold. The escalation of the funds continues till the funds are either put on hold or they have exited the digital ecosystem, either through an ATM withdrawal, physical withdrawal, or utility payments.


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