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05 April 2020, Kathmandu

Coronavirus has a house arrested us. People are attracted to the Internet. The Internet provides us everything like EVERYTHING is on the Internet. Especially children being attracted to it like moths being drawn to the flame. Fathers and Mothers are worried about their children becoming addicts. But parents can divert their children towards good habits like reading books and learning skills using the Internet.

Parents are also worried about the children learning from the Internet. As people are getting more access to the Internet, they have changed their healthy daily life to more digital. This digitization has also led to a change in many sectors. Education is one of the major industries which has changed drastically due to emerging internet users. And during the lockdown, this sector has grown. With many sites providing free materials for readers

OLE Nepal’s E-Pustakalaya

E-Pustakalya is one of the projects of Open Learning Exchange since 2008. E-Pustakalya is an education-focused, freely accessible digital library. The digital library contains around 7,000 full-text documents, books, videos, audios, and other forms of multimedia. It is easy to browse with its user-friendly layout.

There are a variety of web pages you can choose from EGR, for primary level children, you can find videos and texts here. Baalpathmala contains children’s books of three levels. The E-paath platform provides digital learning materials according to the grades of the children. Users have the option to choose through multiple choices of subjects.

There is only one drawback of E-Pustakalya is that you can not switch from one of these webpages.

Ministry of Education’s CDC Library

Curriculum-focused content found in the Ministry of Education’s CDC Library. You can access it from http://moecdc.gov.np/. They also provide textbooks, teachers’ guides, children’s resources, and journals in multiple languages. Videos of online classes of various grades can be accessed using their website. It provides online courses of different subjects of respective categories. The only problem in their website is its design, and some contents are unavailable to access. Even so, the contents of the site are adequate and will be resourceful for children.


Kullabs is a digital platform for both teachers and students. It provides notes, study materials, academic contents, videos, and other multimedia items. These contents are for middle school, high school, and college students. It was launched in 2012 by Kul Techno Lab and Research Centre.

British Council’s Digital Library in Nepal

British Council’s Digital Library is for Nepali nationals 18 years and above. You’ll need a membership to access the library. You can get access to newspapers, multimedia materials such as documentaries, full-length concerts. Moreover, many comics and graphic novels, ebooks, audiobooks, and academic books, and online resources for learning English can explore in the library. Those who can become members now can enjoy the facilities free of charges until March 31, 2021.

International Children’s Digital Library (ICDL)

ICDL (International Children’s Digital Library) provides an extensive collection of children’s literature for free in different languages. The ICDL Foundation is a nonprofit organization, and the website launched in 2002. The site consists of 4,619 books in 59 words.

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg contains over 60,000 free ebooks. Most of them are older literary works published before 1924, for children as well as adults. Every book is provided without cost to the readers, but they have to register in the beginning. Thus, it is a platform to download classic literature materials.


So you want to read a book to get the knowledge, but don’t want to read it. Then distinct can be an excellent option for you.

Audible contains audiobooks of various genres for you to listen to these audiobooks are more portable and can use anytime, anywhere. You are cooking stuff, and you want to continue with your books, use this app. Audible is favored by both book worms and young story listeners. One of its perks is that books are cheap in Audible.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an America-based nonprofit organization that provides different online courses. Anyone can get supplementary exercises and materials on a variety of subjects from their free websites and apps. Most of the lessons it offers are in the form of short videos on YouTube. The site features videos that cover a range of subjects taught in schools and all grades. They also have the “Khan Academy Kids” app specially designed for children aged 2-6 to develop their necessary skills.

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