2nd October 2021, Kathmandu

Few people have been arrested by Nepal Police for screening a woman’s character assassination video, interview, and photos on YouTube.

Nepal Police Cyber Bureau has arrested four YouTubers for interviewing a woman in a video where her reputation has been dishonored.

According to Cyber ​​Bureau spokesperson and senior superintendent Mr. Nabindra Aryal, four individuals were arrested on Wednesday on charges of character assassination and diminishing the image of a woman by uploading random videos from various YouTube channels.

People who were arrested are “Dainik Khabar” channel’s moderator named Pradip Bhandari aged 21 from Gokarneshwor, Sishir Adhikari aged 27 moderators of channel “Harek Palko Khabar”,

Pinkala Karki moderator of channel “Saraichuli Media” and Rodhan Tamang moderator of “Modern Online TV” aged 24 from Gokarneshwor.

They were arrested by Bureau after the permission was taken from Kathmandu District Court. According to the Cyber Bureau, an investigation has been launched against them under the “Electronic Commerce Act, 2063” for expanding such news. The district court has given permission for further investigation of this incident.


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