One Call Four Services: Essentials Arrive at Home With a Phone Call

Kathmandu, April 30, 2020

Ideas are responsible for progression and prosperity. No idea is too small, and each idea has the potential to turn into something big. Idea Studio came up with an idea to fuse ideas and money.

It is a platform that turns promising ideas into solutions and paves the path for entrepreneurship. The innovative ideas across the country can ignite social change by unlocking potentials in youth. In fact, Idea Studio came up with a brilliant idea in the hour of need.

Nepal is in lockdown due to the outbreak of coronavirus and people can’t get out of the house until extremely necessary. This has created difficulty in buying essentials, repairing, or maintenance of appliances at home. Moreover, some people can’t even have access to medicines due to the lockdown.

An idea from Idea Studio showed us how we can get through this crisis. The idea was to bring four business companies together to serve people during such difficult times. The four companies are Sajilo Marmat Sewa, Metro Tarkari, Nepal Med, and Kullab.

How does the idea serve people during the lockdown?

The four businesses were ready after Idea Studio took the lead. This is how the innovative solution of ‘1 Call 4 Services’ came into action. People can dial just one number and all the essentials arrive at their doorstep. This service has made lives easier for the general public during the lockdown period.

What Services Can People Get?

The idea has brought four businesses to one place. Read through to find out what services can people benefit from the service.

 4 Services, Idea Studio’s 1 Call

Idea Studio’s 1 Call, 4 Services

Sajilo Marmat Sewa

There’s always one family member that is a wannabe mechanic or electrician. But there are appliances even they can’t fix. Sajilo Marmat Sewa takes care of the problem for you.

It is a one-stop maintenance solution for households and businesses that provide easy maintenance services. It provides technical for repairing electrical appliances at home. Furthermore, it can help you solve minor issues by providing remote support via phone or video.

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Metro Tarkari

If you were worried about buying vegetables and fresh food, then MetroTarkari can take care of that. This online grocery store fulfills the need for everything from vegetables to fresh food in the kitchen. You can simply place your order and Metro Tarkari will bring the items to you.

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Nepal Med

The ultimate solution to your medical supplies has joined hands with Idea Solution. If you can’t get out of the house or there are no medical shops around your area, Nepal Med ensures your medical supplies are delivered at your doorstep.

This service is highly convenient for patients who need to take regular medications. Just make a phone call and order your medicines or any medical products.

The lockdown has affected the lives of students the most. Since regular classes and exams are in the hold, students need to utilize this time to study. For this purpose, Kullabs is providing online education.

They have uploaded teaching materials online so that students can gain easy access from home. The majority of students are benefitting from this service.

For now, the ‘1 Call 4 Services’ is only available in the Kathmandu Valley.

Idea Studio has been successful in providing platforms to many startups. It has collected over 1550 ideas and has been helping to transform these ideas into businesses.

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Final Say

It’s a great initiative to collaborate and provide essential services through a common platform. A crisis like this demands effective ideas like the ‘1 Call 4 Services’. During the lockdown, the general public isn’t allowed to step out unless it’s an emergency.

At present, people need to stay home not because of the lockdown but due to the risk of infection. Any idea that helps people with their essential needs and reduces their risk of infection is much appreciated amid the pandemic. We are just glad that Idea Studio took the lead.

Do you think more ideas and solutions like this should come forward? Do you have any suggestions?

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