Google search can do a lot of things such as providing useful links. There are 10 technique or tricks which help you turn into a Google ninja.

  1. Phone number

If you include your phone number with your area code . it will bring the name and address of their person joined with your number.

  1. Calculator

If you are trying to find a solution of your homework problems then Google helps you solve the problem. For example 10+2 gives 12. This will display the calculator in your equation.

  1. Exchange Rate Calculator

If you are going on a trip then type the name of your original currency and by the help of word “To” you may easily convert it into dollar or pound. Not only this,Google also display the calculator. Fro which you can easily convert your currencies from the drop down menu.

  1. Stocks

You may type stocks or stocks symbol to find stock quotes, chart, trading volume, market cap, relevant links and many more. For example if you type Google the  you will see your results as Google stocks.

  1. Track flight

This is also the facilities to find out where in the world the particular flight is. You can type the name and number of the flight and Google help you find and display the information about the flight.

  1. Dictionary

Google helps you bypass dictionary search results which defines the words you are looking for. If you type define then it provides all type information related to it.

  1. Weather

If you need to find out the atmosphere weather then type the word weather and the zip code of your area. For example Type weather 1 2 3 in Google search then you will find the weather information from their. Google provide one week weather forecasts.

  1. Search specific site for a word

Google also helps you find the search results for a specific site, Type site immediately without space by the name of website to go through.

  1. Search for PDF files

You should have to follow the similar rules as above. It will provide technically information just by typing file type: PDF

  1. Do a Barrel Roll

This is only for fun, you may just type Do a Barrel Roll and watch what happens.