12 Things To Know, You Can Do From The Gmail

Gmail is one of the most substantial built tech tools which you can make it more beautiful.

There are many features in Gmail which is hidden with. There are 12 ways to customize Gmail.

  1. Pre-schedule message

You may use a browser extension to push the send button to have a better time to catch with email, and you may send pre-schedule messages per months free or $5 per months.

There are also scripts for free in Google sheets to accomplish the same task.

  1. Snooz emails

Gmail snooze is chrome extension which helps you to remind and schedule emails to pop back on the top of your inbox.

  1. Send stock responses

It saves more time for creating canned messages through one of Gmail lab.

  1. Find out if your mail was read

There are many tools which remind you about the email been opened or not by the help of Bananatag Email tracking, sidekick and intelligence email tracker.

It is also noticed that how many times an email was opened from where, when and on what device.

  1. Blow up your email

It is a link sharing platform, and Google has updated Gmail with an undo send button which let you rescind email.

  1. Make a to-do list

You can install a checklist on the right side of your Gmail to remember the milk for chrome and firefox.

You can also turn your message into the task and connect with calendars and contacts.

Todoist for Gmail organizes you to be chronological order which let you add email and assign the project and get the update about the progress.

It also has the mobile version plug-in which you can access from the list from anywhere.

  1. Schedule appointments

You may pull in Google calendar to your inbox for easy scheduling which is the main features of Gmail lab.

  1. Get all your mail in one view

You may check multiple email accounts at the same time which is handed over.

  1. Workforce

Gmail offline is a Google app which let you read and reply message without an internet. It means you don’t have to wait for an update until you reconnect.

  1. Get quick notification

You can directly reply through the popup notification after shown by checker plus which helps to know about the number of mail.

  1. Get Gmail to text you

Anyway, find is paid service that promises to free from regularly checking your inbox. You may tell that the app stays on the top as a message thread.

  1. You one- stop stop

There is a list of function to complete the contact, photos, read the message which provides you a headache.