Name : Radpad

Release date: 25-09-2012

Industry: Internet

Country: USA

Company: Radpad


This is the online website which helps to deal to find new house, new city, state country etc. On the age of digital technology, everything can be found online such as relationship and rental apartments.

There are many more websites which helps in buying or selling the apartment or to deal the real states. The most common issue is to find an online users to search for leasing an appointment or to validate the ad, agent or the photographer. is a unique platform which allows to choose their location by the help of Google map. You can drive time by the help of map for a given location. This proves a boon to student looking for apartment closer to their college.

It provides you to the option to choose best apartment according to their pockets as your requirement. It is one of the most transparent platform which offers one to one conversation with their agents. It is easier to find their own favorite house by talking to the owner. This is verified only when the owner upload his/her legal documents and these documents are not view able. It is required for a secure transaction.

It also comes out in many apps which helps you to finds a house to go. This apps duty is to fulfill your dream directly by chatting with the owner before closing the deal.

Radpad lunched a new feature which helps you in making a payment online using a debit and credit or to the banker. This is helpful for those people who are living abroad today. This has made the largest market place in the LA, San Francisco, San Diego, Chicago and Washington DC.

Radpad has raised more than 5 million funds since 2013. If you are on a travel in Spree for business or leisure than you may log into Radpad and find the apartment of your dream, right on your desktop or mobile.