5 Movies That Predicted The Future With Creepy Accuracy

There is a long debate about the prediction of future in the movies. Science fiction movies often tend to predict the future technology. Not all the technique shown in the film has become true. There are countless examples of science fiction movies that predicted the future.

There is a controversy on if the storytellers predicted the future or inventors. And it is also inspired by the sci-fi movies. No one knows the truth about this chicken/egg argument. It has an awful amount of foreshadowing movie present.

From cloning techniques to flying spacecraft. Many of these wonders were the only prediction in books and screen. These wonders inspired to review examples of fortune telling technological movies.

Total Recall (1990); Prediction: Driverless car

The movie, Total Recall features various technologies. Most of the techniques not invented yet. But, there is a scene that is currently in progress, driverless cars.

Many tech companies are competing to launch its first driverless vehicle. Biggest companies like Tesla and uber are currently in the lead. Starting driverless cars is the ultimate goal for these companies. The project does not include a creepy robot driver. Total Recall was a fantastic representation of what may be most used technology.

Back to the Future (1989); Prediction: Wearable tech

The movie, back to the future revolves around time travel. Time travel may not be successful till date. But the movie features gives other technologies as well. This movie features self-lacing shoes, smart eyewear and flying hoverboards as well.

Nike released HyperAdapt in 2016, a self-lacing shoe. This shoe functions like the one shown in the movie. It adapts itself to the feet and laces itself.

The smart eyewear that children are using in the movie resembles oculus rift and Google Glass. They are an optical head-mounted gear. This device can get details on your glasses and control your tech devices.

The Terminator (1984); Prediction: Military drones

The blockbuster movie, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger provided the glimpse of predator plane. Back then the idea seemed ridiculous and delusional. But today, Military drones are carrying out the mission in a various part of the world.

Military Drones are pilot-less Aerial vehicles. These aerial vehicles do not need a pilot in their cockpit. A remote operate these vehicles. Drones are essential in the area where it is too risky.

The U.S uses drones to perform drone strikes. These drones may not be as killer plane as shown in the movie, but they are still used to observe and kill.

Iron Man (2008-2013); Prediction: Virtual Assistant and Holographic User Interface

The movie features various incredible technologies. But nothing is as impressive as JARVIS and holographic user Interface. JARVIS is the virtual personal assistant that is intelligent and responsive. Siri and Cortana are this world’s virtual personal assistant.

Although, Siri might not be as intelligent as JARVIS. But it is an excellent representation. Recently, Elon Musk showed the way to design rocket parts with hand gestures.

Blade Runner (1982); Prediction: Video Calls

Blade Runner was an ordinary sci-fi movie back in the day. Among various technologies Blade Runner featured video calls that became true. Blade Runner foretold the future before Skype or Facetime came into action.

As in the movie, we can see people we’re talking to via Video calls. The film added the feature to the portable mobile or laptop. Then only the technology would be the perfect prediction.


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