Slow down of Software Updates

24th May 2021, Kathmandu

While cybercrimes are on the growth, 67 percent of Indian clients think there is no harm in delaying software updates, giving hackers enough time to break into their devices and steal their data, a new report informs on Friday.

A mass of Indian users thinks that there is no harm in delaying a software update, as reported by a study commissioned by Kaspersky in April 2021.

According to Cybersecurity Company, “Installing updates is considered a routine boring task and half of respondents commonly nap them.”

Generally, 67% of Indian users think that there is no damage in delaying software updates. This is concerning as updates to devices are important from the viewpoint of security.

According to Kaspersky, “Updates to devices are not only necessary to earn access to new features or interfaces, but also help to maintain a high quality of security.

Sellers regularly test their offerings to find new potential vulnerabilities that could be exploited by attackers. The appropriated installation of updates can serve as effective protection against cybercriminals. This downtime can also increase the productivity of people and help with well-being.”

However, 30% of Indian respondents admitted that the downtime waiting for updates to take place could be used productively, and they are making this a reality in their day-to-day lives, While 29 % of equivocators said that they even enjoy the break away from technology.

Normally, users mostly favor shifting to other activities while updates are installed. For example, if their devices are unavailable, 25%of the replier said that they try to switch off and relax by watch TV or read a book, 11% divert themselves by cooking, and 14% choose sports or going for a walk. While 30 % said that they are, as usual, continue to do what they were doing, just switching to another device.

Even so, the installation of updates 41% of users postpone. 32% said that they are frequently busy at work, 22% followed by options where users do not want to stop using their device at that moment. 24% of users said they do not want to close the application. On the whole, 67 % see no harm in such slow down.

“It makes complete sense to shift to another device while the gadget you were using originally is going through an update cycle. Playing sports, cooking, or a little meditation could be a suitable break from the working day that helps to relax and reboot.

After pleased to see in our survey that many people already follow healthy practices. That kind of help to improve your mood but can also increase productivity,” said Maria Namestnikova, Head of GReAT Russia, Kaspersky.

The survey suggests that 67% of users in India see no harm in slow down a software update on their device, which can be seen as a concern by cybersecurity specialties.

While it is quite understandable that everyone would not like to get their flow of work interrupted by a software update, necessary to understand the importance of regularly updating their software.

A regular system or software update to be as good as an immunity boost given is to a human body.

The latest updates not only offer new features to your device but also help in improving the systems or device security, fix software bugs, remove outdated features, update drivers and identify and correct vulnerabilities in the software by overall improving the functioning of the software.


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