6th Hero National Mechanical Exhibition Kicks Off

Society Of Mechanical Engineering Students (SOMES), IOE, Central campus Pulchowk proudly presents you with an extraordinary exhibition event broadly covering most of the Mechanical Engineering related fields featuring Energy Management and refining,+2 mechanical design, Robotics, Mechanical Design, and Gaming (FIFA, Bingo, Paper Plane and more).

Theme: Clean and affordable energy for today’s elixir.

Organizer: SOMES (society of mechanical engineering students)

Title sponsor: Hero Moto cop

Co-sponsor: Himal Steel

Event Sponsor: Jamboree

Supported By: AEPC, AIESEC, and CES (center for energy studies)

Gaming Sponsors: The Last Resort, Mg- classic, 12D cinema, 360                                                 gaming arena city center.

Total visitors: 5000+

Events: – Mechanical Design Competition

–       +2 Mechanical Design Competition

–       Food stalls

–       Gaming (Bingo, Computer game, Slow cycle race, paper plane, etc.)

–       Global Village by AIESEC, Robotics project presentation.

–       Flash mob

 Winners of the events:

1)     +2  design competition: 1st  – omega international college, 2nd Sainik                  away Asia Mahavidyalaya,3rd southwestern college, People’s choice (omega             international), most applicable design (omega International)

2)     Design: project titled “Basic analog microtome” project by 2nd-year mechanical engineering students.