Computers are not so complicated as we expect. Unexpected behavior is just like a flue which has any outward visible sign for inward and terrible malware infestation. If you have noticed the security warning, then you should have to compromise with your system.

  1. Popup ads appear when no browse will open. They used to adware programs bombard their victims who are not as common as they used to. They mainly ads for advertisement and legitimate products which contain many links to a malicious website which attempts to drop malware on your PC.
  2. Browser navigation gets redirection. Every website does not redirect malicious, but if you are trying to reach Google, then you may take an illegal search site.
  3. A security programs which never installed popup scary warning. This help is creating and distributing fake antivirus which is a lucrative business. The perpetrators use drive-by downloads or any other sneaky technique to get the phony antivirus on your system and warning comes on your screen about the threats. You have to register a payment for the fraudulent tools which fix the problem. This helps you scanning malware with fake AV.
  4. Post which didn’t appear on social media. Malware mainly focused on Facebook and any other site which propagates by generating fake jobs which might include the inflammatory statement of the same kind.
  5. A program holds your PC for ransom. Some malware hold your pc for ransom. Ransom threats encrypt all your pictures and documents which demands you get back them. It may also try to obscure what they are designed.
  6. You can’t use standard tools. A user suspecting the presence of malware might lunch the task manager to investigate and check the setting using Register editor.
  7. Everything seems normal. Some malware is standard to hide their activity having no visible traces. When you don’t notice anything, as usual, it is also possible to boot your system.

If you think the malware has taken your residence in your PC/laptops, then you may install a powerful antivirus utility or security suite immediately.