Antivirus fight against the virus against the computer. By many researches and lab test, we have analysis that antivirus and security suite recognize the products and eliminate static malware. The detection technique and other measures are able to detect malware i.e. malware-hosting URLs. Those type of attacks and malware were hacked. These security have chances to shine and give credit to prevents attacks.

It requires many types of research to challenge 20 within more antivirus products with new brand malicious URL for months which make sure to keep them up to date. They hit each product 2000 real worked samples. It gets full credit which prevents the malware attack and removes all significant traces. The products do not get any credit. For this, the malware didn’t take any compensation with the security system.

The products display a notification about the user what to do/ in that case the researcher allows the equivalent wrong choices and this products prevents infestation despite the user to get more error. The system also will enable companies, and for that mistake, they get half credit.

Mostly successful

There are almost 20 products being tested among them, 90 percent are performing better. Panda free antivirus managed as 99.9 percent and bit defender internet security with 99.8, Kaspersky internet security, Avast pro antivirus, and ten cent PC manager with 99.7 percent.

Ad-aware barely squawked with 90 percent protection.

An Award-winning test

This methodology has received some awards. Among them the cluster awards from the Tyrolean government and contentious awards from the Austrian government. The tester deserve kudos.