It is essential that you should use security measures for your smartphone. Here are nine ways to boost Smartphone Security. Most of the new smartphones offer a “pattern lock” – a personalized shape or pattern that is drawn on the computer screen to grant access. However, we ensure that the filter is cleaned regularly basis.

If your smartphone is stolen or lost any finger traces can sometimes be seen and accessed on the screen. Alternatively, a PIN code offers another option & can also save time and money.  Make your email password difficult to crack but memorable for you.

Use a SIM card lock

A screen lock is helpful, but we cannot stop someone from removing the SIM card from your mobiles phone and using it on another mobile phone. To prevent and protect this from happening, set up a SIM locked in the form of a PIN that we will want to be initiated when a mobile phone is turned on to connect to a network.

Most  Crucial  Information and  Data   Protection

While PIN entry, as well as password locks, are helpful, a smartphone is effectively a miniature Personal Computer with often easily removable storage devices. It’s far too easy to retrieve Information and data by merely plugging it into a computer or removing a microSD card. Protecting sensitive data saved to internal storage is essential. The software is available that can encrypt files or folders so that code must be entered before a record can be viewed or copied.

Wireless protection

Any device that can send data and information across the airwaves is a concern for security.

Always switch off your wireless connectivity when it’s not in use. It ensures that persons can’t connect to a device without your skills and knowledge. It’s also worth checking your mobile phone’s network security settings as it might be configured to automatically connect to a network system when in range without you knowing.

Protect Bluetooth use

Bluetooth is not saved as a risk approach as it has a relatively short range (10 meters approx). However, hackers have been known to access a phone if they are in range remotely.

Ensure that Bluetooth is turned off when we are not using. Set the Bluetooth configuration to ‘non-discoverable,’ so that people searching for nearby devices can’t see yours.

Software  Download Security

Unfortunately, the increase in malware smartphones has grown the need to be cautious when downloading web app, and to pay attention to the requirements that any software requires when you install.

It can be straightforward not to read anything to get the app up & running, but be careful of most of the demands to access many features of your phone, mainly if the app isn’t well known.

Install Antimalware

The Artificial Intelligence of smartphones are approaching those of a Personal Computer, but most people have no form of data protection, although they can face similar threats.

Spam is containing malware attachments/links to attack web sites, or infected application that exploit weaknesses in the different operating system are all starting to show.

Many antiviruses Companies now offer freeware or demo versions of their commercial smartphones products and also protection for multiple PCs and a phone, for a yearly subscription


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