A Free WIFI In Tourist And Religious Place By Nepal Telecommunications Authority

Free WIFI Zone In Nepal

Kathmandu, November 5th, 2019

NTA has selected historical, cultural, religious and tourist destinations for the free Wi-Fi zones. The places are divided into three packages.

Package A: For the trekking routes of Muktinath and Annapurna circuit

Package B:  For the route to Everest Base Camp

Package C: Religious destinations like Janaki Temple, Pathivara, Barah Chettra, Gurudware, Jame Mosque, Halesi Mahadev and Panch Kashmiri Takiya

NTA has called interested candidate for the implementation of a free Wi-Fi network in tourist and religious spots. With the aim of supporting Visit Nepal 2020, this project is going to help tourists to connect their phone to the internet. The course of events for the execution of a Wi-Fi system is known to be a half year to lay optical fiber, introduce switches, towers and work on the Wi-Fi network. Historical, Cultural, Religious and tourist destinations are selected for the free


  1. The web data transfer capacity on every area will be from 10Mbps to 25Mbps and the cached transmission capacity will run from 50 Mbps to 125Mbps.
  2. The more troublesome spot like Everest Base camp requires 10 Mbps dedicated internet and 50 Mbps stored.
  3. They have to validate the client with a One-time secret key (OTP) sent by SMS to their versatile number and afterward give free Wi-Fi access.
  4. The free Wi-Fi will keep going for 15 minutes and the speed will be of 1 Mbps. After this, the client will buy package online.
  5. The selected operate shall work, manage and operate the Wi-Fi for five years.
  6. The operator will pay a 4% yearly Royalty and 2% as Remote telecommunication fund to the Government of Nepal.
  7. The operator shall have software for the operation and maintenance if the WI-FI system


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