Microsoft comes over of Nokia’s mobile phone operation which is bound to end up as a school business. There are 25000 Nokia’s employee which jobs have been disappear and Microsoft has just written off all the money spent in it. These all looks as disaster.

The new chief executive satya Nadella looked at the strategy of hide predecessor Steve Ballmer who decided to disaster. The Ballmer was decided to buy Nokia. He told to get together as one company of the device folks at Nokia when the deal announced phenomenal job.

It looks like a phenomenol error which was obvious at that time. Investors were certainly dubious when it makes the environment to accept that bad idea. The company makes the right decision but the mobile phone market changes.

A blogger write passionately about that view. He argued for the initial partnership with Nokia for making it flagship windows phone maker neither they did for Microsoft and windows phone story.

Daniel Rubino states that Nokia has dire straw and itchy for alternatives. Nokia has decided to jump on Andriod device. They sold to competitors which neither would have been good for Microsoft and windows phone strength.

A company mainly have to focus on business customers which always has its core strength. It is more sensible to tie up with Blackberry. The Canadian firm ha strong reputation for security which is professional and enterprise customers which remains nostalgic about the device.

Microsoft insist to make smart phone which mainly focused on wider ecosystem. The main aim for them to how windows phone capabilities as the surface.

It is hard to see the links of Samsung and HTC rushing to make windows phone handsets. This was the great concerned of reliance on Android.

Steve Ballmer promised that financial would become the hub and center of your phone which seemed to promise the team only for few years.