Lets think that you are owner of restaurant and if someone is searching for a restaurants and if your page didn’t appear until the 7 seven page search results which is right below the creepy deli-gas station.

According to the Google study 2014, there are 50% of mobile user which are most likely to visit storefront within the day of conducting local search online. The numbers of user are continuing day by day. It is clear that the driving profit revenue optimize the local presence which can be seen online by the potential customer.

Small business owner often needs many user such as accountant , General manager, business strategist and marketer. I had venture to say that the search engine specialist likely to be at the top of your resume which does not need to be if you follow the given step to ensure your local business which presence off the right.

Lock down local directories

It talks few minutes to research how to rank your page on Google for the keyword which is uncover where your business is listed and take steps to claim the listing and creating new list.

Some tips for claiming and optimizing your local business listing. They are given below:

  1. Standardize your company name:

It takes some time to ensure your business which is correct and consistent across the all. This helps to boost the brand name based ranking by search engine.

  1. Opt for a local phone number

You may list your company phone number instead of a toll free number, Google always want to see local number which is consistent with your geographical location.

  1. Include keywords

You have to ensure 1-2 priority keywords which integrates the business description. Priority keywords are generally kept on your product or services.

  1. Utilize imagery option

You have to add the appropriate sized logo and image of your business which ensure your listing which appear as polished and official.

Optimize Google local listing

There are many upcoming changes to Google as a social platform, your company Google listing to claim and optimize. This page only appear in company related local search and the Google maps result.

There are many tips for claiming and optimizing your Google local listing. They are pointed below;

  1. Optimize your business description:

There are many advantage of Google’s option to hyperlink test in the business area. This links to the highest priority services pages.

  1. Be strategic with your login credential

If your company have you tube account which claims your listing the same Google login. This also allow to easily your feed YouTube video.

  1. Upload a high quality banner image:

The poor quality image is stretched which reflect the quality of your brand.