Prepare for your medical and engineering exam from mobile only

In Nepal, yearly 20 thousand people for MBA and 10 thousand people for engineering, gives entrance exam. But, only 3/3 hundred students get opportunity for scholarship. The students who couldn’t succeed in that category, they are forced to pay very huge amount for getting admissions. That’s why for graduating in scholarship exam students go to various entrance preparation class spending 10000 rupees. To reduce this problem, 6 youths namely, Roshan Bhandari, Subit Raj, Sudeep Kafle, Santosh Ghimire and Sujeet Maharjan stated

What is this

Meroanswer is a website and mobile application which was developed for helping the students to prepare in their entrance exam preparation of various subjects. Before some months after the IOM and IOE exam’s small domain, in this app it has made a facility that the students of 11 and 12 can prepare for their entrance exam since they are studying in their class. Now, people won’t have to migrate to Kathmandu Valley for giving examinations. Not only that, in institute only Saturday you will be taken example question paper but with this app, at any time you can try this sample question paper. Now, you can prepare the exams of IOM, MOE, Indian Embassy, and IOE sitting in your own home. With the help of technology and internet students can use their leisure time studying with Android apps of

Why to use it?

To get higher marks in exam, both practical and theoretical practice is needed. Colleges and Institutes give more priority to theoretical knowledge but not making the students practice every day leads to the failure of the students. Likewise, it also helps for the +2 examination. As a result, students can be prepared for both, i.e. +2 exam and entrance preparation class. In Meroanswer system, there are more than 10,000 questions of various books. For difficult questions, hints and solution has also been given, so you can practice it just staying in your home only. After giving exam, you can know about your result and the marks you got at the same time. Students can also evaluate themselves as in which subjects they are doing great.