Aman Thapa came back to Nepal from America after 5 years. He had habit of buying shoes on online there at America, So, he faced many problems here in Nepal just to buy a single pair of shoes. Kept on roaming Newroad, Durbarmarg, and Bhatbhateni for 8 hours. Still, couldn’t found the shoes wanted. He felt that we Nepali people wasted our important time for these things. He was a marketing student. Through online selling and buying goods were to be done through e-commerce so, Subal Chitrakar, Sodhan Manandhar, Suraj Shrestha, Sujit Rajbhandari, Avash KC, Akshya Basnet and Prakiran Shrestha made Sato Deal technical team. On December 15, 2011, this company was started.

 “Company was started. But, it took time for the customers and sellers to make understand that the goods can be purchased and sold through online.” The CEO of company Aman Thapa said, “We kept on working. Until by 2 years we became successful to make Sastodeal as the top e-commerce site of Nepal.”

Company’s another co-director Subal Chitrakar, while working first time on Sasto deal, he remembers that customers don’t even used to see the website but keep on calling in the office and buying the goods only after they see them. “Commerce is more convenient online and e-commerce websites like ours are capitalizing on this shift in behavior. He says, “Even we have to convince big companies to sell their product through online basis. But now, both small and big companies have chosen online sites for sales and marketing. In Nepal also, e-commerce is flowing.”

The shopping sites like we can know about the new branded goods, which one is good and which one is bad, what is the price and many more. From Tech gadgets to fancy, housing and office goods can be ordered. That also knowing everything about the product. Sastodeal has kept the company’s products in different categories and also has shown about its details and price.

As per the order of the customer, they take the money only after delivering the goods, and is said that, this is more appreciable. The best part about websites like Hamrobazaar and SastoDeal is that they not only provide convenience for shoppers, but for vendors too. Likewise, in Nepal Sastodeal has given service of local payment gateway and outside Nepal you can pay through PayPal.

In Sastodeal according to the season, the products are ordered. Sastodeal has become the best way of marketing for the startup companies. Mostly, the students are the buyers. The people who buys products from the company have age group of 5 years to 75 years. Company is also providing service through mobile apps. The company, Sastodeal who has been able to become successful in short period of time has provided job for 20 people.

Likewise, with the customer’s request it has also started “Sastobook has provided the facility of buying books in lower price for school, college and novels as well. So as we can also sell the book which we have already read.” CEO of Sastodeal Subal said.

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