Startup Success Story of VocalsSoft who are great in out-sourcing.

In Nepal, many startup companies have been established which are working in innovative ideas and concept. In this run, the Vocal Soft Company is also included.

R.K. Dahal (Ram Krishna Dahal) is busy in studying IT subject. But the problem, that he sees nearly is the students don’t get a job after their graduation, and IT company don’t get enough workforce. So, cooperating with some friends, we established Vocal Softs.

He has the thought that IT study and Industry must have bridging. Because of this, he decided against bringing CSIT course in colleges and producing a workforce for industries.

The thought of RK Dahal and implementing it, Biratnagar’s computer engineer Tulsi Dahal’s support became useful. Alone and with the friend, working for out-sourcing, sees the dream of going to America and Australia like others. But when he saw the path for earning a dollar in Nepal only, he sacrificed the idea of going to Australia and America.

To contribute RK and Tulsi, another member was also added. Now, RK Dahal involved in IT study, with self and Tulsi Dhal working for out-sourcing and the friend working in IT company’s plan and support, before ten months Vocals Soft Pvt. Ltd was established.

Before seven months, when they started the company, they had many clients from foreign. Before that also, working on own the three directors tried to manage the work through the company.

Now 12 android, iOS, Java, .net and other company has been hired. Other startup problems are like lack of workforce, still providing developers trend quality service, they have taken it as their success.

In recent, this team is bustling in out-sourcing. Working for others has brought one type of shine, said Tulsi Dahal. He said that they had handled big budget’s project from the UK, America, and Canada including other countries as well. “Canada’s one hospital management software, Ireland’s home Autonomous System, Germany’s Bus Reservation System and other similar big projects have a partnership with Vocals Soft, said Dahal.

The company who has worked for many big companies haven’t done anything for Nepal, why? In this question RK Dahal said, to bring the project in the market here, they have to do lots of research and other many things, for that more budget is needed. There is also possibility if risks. Like that, most of the IT startups see future through out-sourcing. There is possibility of bringing product for Nepal only after they establish the company. In this topic, Vocals Soft team has approval. With behavior just, Vocals Soft is preparing for innovative name and usable products.

For out-sourcing, in America and other countries the office has been established, and with the need for marketing, they are preparing for creating a company in Maryland, America, and the UK. For startup companies, there are lots of arising problems in Nepal. Mainly, load shedding, workforce and political issue. Still, Vocal Softs see the possibility of working in Nepal only.

There also comes blame as Nepali cannot work in a team. Many startup companies have been closed due to a lack of team work. But, there are no such problems in Vocals Soft. Three people with different backgrounds and likewise the management is, so there are no such problems aroused, said Dahal.

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