The second edition of is coming

Nepali who was living in America made social media names Sagoon and now its second edition is coming. Sagoon is preparing for publicizing its second edition in this September in Nepal.

The user of Sagoon having different features reached more than 1 Million 70 thousands in one year which had made the users also deserving of partnership. Sagoon is taking a step forward with a plan to make the users 2 million by July 2015.

Telling about Sagoon’s planning, director Govinda Giri said, “In coming September/October will publicize the second edition of Sagoon and in December will start the mobile app of Sagoon with which Sagoon will provide secret news to their users, sharing their pictures of various events will be easier. Likewise, through social media Sagoon will have more help for changing social states.

According to Giri, the second edition of Sagoon is the new revised version of first edition in which there are many other new features. The difficulties faced by the users have been made simpler. Second edition will be more like new.

After opening the account in, in user’s account there will automatically have 5 dollars and more they use it, more the money will be deposited in their account and thing will remain the same, said Giri.