Gaming is a part of territory which comes with dose of any tablet. There are some tablet made specially for games. The Acer predators is a part of predators series.

You will also find some real top end gaming laptop under black and red umbrella. This seems like Android phone and tablet extra gamer also include vibration feedback as unusual beefy speaker array.

You will be able to get and hold the predator 8 any for 349 euro or $400. You will not find any mistakes in the Acer predators 8 for plain and classy tablet. Acer described the design as super aggressive.

The predator 8 ducked out in silver, black and red with pretty striking lines. It attracts people and make people turned off.

In practical terms, the design seems reasonable and  the shell is mostly plastic but the plate is of brushed metal which provide you the touch and more expensive.

The Acer predators 8 elements really hits you when you look at the tablet face. There are four  drivers. There are many people around us at IFA 2015 and we didn’t crank the volume. The predators quondam is also famous for the loudest gaming tablet. It doesn’t affect by handling. It looks pretty and skinny and light too. It is about 8.6 mm thick and having weighs 350 g.

Acer optimisation provides vibration feedback which are similar to inside to those who make your phone buzz. Acer has worked with mobile giving maestro Game loft which still boils down to the odd bit of vibrate is games like Asphalt 8.

Acer put a bit focus on the flimsy gaming extra. There is some arguments for the screen. The Acer predators 8 has inch full HD screen which may define sound.

There are some element of the screen calibration Acer predators 8 deliver 100 percent of NTSC colour game which has very deep shade.

There is some natural appearance which is bit saturated and the tone down the colours a bit too.

It has an Intel Atom X7-8700 CPU, processor as the Microsoft surface pro used. It has the fastest tablet and having the most Android games which optimised the top Snapdragon GPUs