Another happiness for Facebook, Whats App users increased to 90 crore.

Facebook whose happiness was increasing day by day with its increasing number of users which crossed 1 Arab, another happiness is added to them. The messaging app named as Whats App that Facebook bought last year got its users increased up to 90 crores by this month.

Whats App which was bought by Facebook in 2014 investing a huge amount of money, now have increased its users by double. In last 4 months only, new 10 crore Whats App account was added.

Co-founder Jain Come has shared his this happiness of reaching Whats App users up to 90 crore through his own Facebook Page.

In this happiness, the first person to congratulate him was Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg and Mark has also posted come’s photo in this status.

In 2014, when Facebook bought Whats App, Whats App had only 43 crore users. In last April, it reached to 80 crore and within 4 months, 10 crore users were added. Through there are numerous users of Whats App, it hasn’t got any business model, this has always been a talk of Whats App. In smartphone, Whats App can be downloaded for free and can be used for a year, but if you want to use it for lifetime, then you have to pay 0.99 dollar.

In this way, if each and every 90 crore users are to buy Whats App then it will earn 89 crore and 10 lakh dollar. Whats App’s co-founder don’t want to hear that Whats App is not zippy. He always was against posting advertisement in Whats App.