Nepal Government Apps to be Integrated for the Coming Fiscal Year

16th May 2020, Kathmandu

The government is planning to integrate all the apps that are in use for various government activities. In the coming fiscal year, the government aims to launch an integrated app for the operation of government services.

President Bidhya Devi Bhandari informed at a joint sitting of the Federal Parliament on Friday that government services will be easier to access and more user-friendly. Also, the integrated app is supposed to address monitoring, complaints, and hearings of government work.

Furthermore, the government plans to shift the services of local bodies online within the next three years so that the public could register personal incidents through the online system.

Likewise, the government has also made a plan to make all government offices cashless within the next two years. President Bhandari also announced that online education will be a priority along with the development of the telco industry.

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Why an Integrated App?

As of now, there are various government apps for organizations on both local and national levels. Even in the present context of fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, there are too many apps for information sharing and data collection. However, the COVIDNP app seemed to integrate all the features with the update of contact tracing, self-test, notification, etc.

Basically, an integrated app can make other apps go obsolete but for the better. There will be no confusion among the users if one app incorporates all the government services.

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