What's In For Information Technology At Nepal's Budget 2078

15th May 2020, Kathmandu

Government Business Digitization, Online Education, and Telco Development Within the Next 2 Years

In the coming Fiscal year, the government is planning to bring programs to establish and develop ICT infrastructures. The government aims to promote digital business for this purpose.

President Bidhya Devi Bhandari presented the policy and program for the coming fiscal year in the federal parliament on Friday. President Bhandari said that all government transactions will become digital within two years while discouraging cash transactions.

The government business and transactions will go cashless according to the President. Similarly, she announced the development of telecommunications infrastructure and industry in partnership with service providers to make internet service easily accessible.

“Within two years, all government transactions will become cashless. Arrangements will be made for cashless transactions and all kinds of business payments to be made electronically,” announced President Bhandari.

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She also said the government would prioritize online education. Addressing the joint sitting of the federal parliament, she said that electronic teaching materials will be provided to support online education.

“For this, IT labs and high-speed internet facility will be provided in all public secondary schools,” said President Bhandari.

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The government already has prepared plans to establish telco infrastructures which might prove to be the key factor in Digital Nepal Framework.

Could the next two years really see the end of the Digital Divide?


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